Installing widevine for chromium

Hi guys,
so there is widevine to play drm-media like amazon prime video for instance.
So chromium is now included by default in fedora 30.
The non-free widevine has to be installed manually by taking the needed files from the chrome.rpm package as stated in the fedora docs.
Unfortunately newest the chrome rpm-package only includes one of the needed files.
Means that the docs are outdated on this.

Does anyone found a workaround or a way to get an older package to have access to the needed files?

@locke I am using “chromium-freeworld” from UnitedRPMs, and playing netflix… without problems of widevine.

Thanks for your response.
I would, but it won’t let me install it… :smiley:

package conflicts:

I don’t know what to do next…

You have chromium 73.x from other third-party repo…

dnf -y remove chromium-libs-media-freeworld chromium-libs chromium
dnf install chromium-freeworld
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Ok, that works. Thanks.
Can you also provide a way to use the chromium package provided by fedora having widevine?

I am not sure how is build chromium in Fedora; They use a striped version of ffmpeg and disable some things. Therefore put files or symlinks maybe does not work.