I almost kept Silverblue this time

I really like the ideas behind Silverblue. I really want it to succeed. Whenever Fedora has a new release I install Silverblue and use it as my daily driver for a while. The first time I did that, several versions ago, I deleted it a couple of hours later and went back to using Arch. This time, I used it for a couple of weeks and almost kept it.

This latest version is very good. I’m impressed that even relatively obscure programs like “wavemon” are available in the repos. And using toolbox to isolate things really syncs well with my preferred workflow.

The problem for me, however, was video playback in Firefox. YouTube was fine. But even after installing ffmpeg-libs, playback on sites like odysee.com, nebula.app, and curiositystream.com was plagued by stutters and dropped frames. The Brave browser, however, worked perfectly. So I tried the flatpak version of Firefox from flathub. Slightly better, but still not smooth.

Out of curiosity, I installed Fedora Workstation. Same problems.

I installed Arch with Gnome. No problems. Videos ran smooth as silk.

Since Arch is still using pulseaudio, I suspect the problem with Fedora is pipewire. I read somewhere that F34 uses pipewire for video as well as audio. But I didn’t have the patience to do any testing, so I’m just guessing that might be the problem.

I hope Silverblue 35 will fix these annoying issues. I’m this close to switching over.

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I believe @gregoryhinton noted that was tried

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Thanks for the reminder.