How to write é and å in gnome

How can i write the swedisch å or the letter é? Is there a shortcut beside of coping it from libre office? Can i make a custom shortcut declearing the right click key on my keyboard as compse key?

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I generally add a second keyboard mapping in settings > regions and languages when I practice writing French once in a while. You can then switch keyboards to the different languages from the language switcher in the top panel right hand side. The keyboard shortcut is ctrl + space (i think, not at my computer at the minute).


I use the English language layout with right-alt configured to be the Compose key (using GNOME Tweaks). Then, I can hit that key and enter common sequences — for example, [alt][dash][dash][dash] for that em dash I just typed. Or [alt]oa for å and [alt]'e for é.


If only the occasional character: Gnome Character Map (dnf).

If consistent use of multiple languages: multiple keyboard-mappings, as above. Sadly, most do not change - but it is?was possible to $$$purchase keyboards with illuminated key-tops, which could then be re-configured to represent QWERTY or AZERTY layout (for example), as appropriate.


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