How to set properly a samsung printer/scan in fedora SB?

I connected my samsung MFC through USB, and im able to print on it, but not to scan. And many times i got a message like this when sharing it on lan network through cups “Print Job was not accepted”. So im wondering, maybe installed something wrong .

my printer is the M337x-387x-407x series

But the most important point for me now is make scan to work, any help to achieve this in silverblue ?

Second question I’ve seen today about Samsung MFCs. :wink:
What about enabling airscan. I’ve never messed with silver blue but on regular Fedora if I run
dnf install avahi sane-backends

running scanimage -L will find the scanner. For printing you should be able to use ipp everywhere. if you have cupa and cups-filters installed.

Not sure of USB printer syntax, but if your cups install shows the printer as usb://something, use that.

would not be the same of using “simple scan” (flatpak) that is a gui for sane ?

Asking because simple scan dont work for me , and wondering if would make difference installing that rpm package

I honestly don’t know. I think simplescan is a frontend for scanimage, but I’ve never used it. I haven’t used the flatpak package either, so unfortunately, I don’t have an educated answer for you.

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