How to install fedora on MacBook?

Can’t install fedora 38 on my 2014 MacBook Air because of this error:

Why is this happening? Is there anything that I can do about it?

This seems to have been reported before, without anyone providing a solution:

Is fedora not supported on Macs? Or this a bug in the installer?

I seem to remember there was a thread some time ago where F37 and F38 would not install on the mac. The fix at that time was to install F36 then upgrade to F38.

Maybe you could do the same.

Maybe this one?

That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence…

Remember that apple has tried to lock everyone out of using their hardware, including gpus with specialized drivers, specialized firmware, specialized and proprietary network cards, etc. All done with the intent to keep their hardware and software silo isolated from everyone else and force use of only their hardware and software as a set (and in the name of profit).

That the problem can be worked around is promising. How it is done may change over time.

Apple wishes to lock users into forced upgrades with new hardware sales required.

I have never used apple products because of the hardware and software lock-in and unreasonable prices.

It wasn’t always like this. But here’s what Woz explained:
Woz on Apple

I can Install Fedora 38 server and the special kernel available on Github on a 2018 13" MacBook Pro no problem.

That was the viewpoint of Woz. Apple has always been high priced and locked in for the hardware and software since they avoided the intel compatible processors for most of their production life.

Even the Mac with the intel processors are only now, after quite a few years with all other OSes locked out, finally having Linux becoming able to install and run on them. Proprietary hardware, proprietary drivers, proprietary bios, all designed to lock out the ability for users to install commonly used OSes.

Apple has had the closed silo environment locked down from the beginning.