Unable custom partition MacBook Pro (2014)


Today I tried to install F38 to my good old MacBook Pro (~2014). As usual, I wanted my custom partitions (512MB EFI, 1GB EXT4 boot and the rest EXT4 for root & home). In F38 custom & manual partitioning options gives " … EFI …" (do not remember exactly the name) filesystem option, but then disk partition app of the installer complains that EFI partition fs is of wrong type - the error message says it cannot be "…EFI…"or EXT4 and must be “Apple EFI ” type. I remember that until F38 that Apple-specific EFI FS option was available in the list, but gone in F38 now.
Interestingly, if I choose automatic partitioning, everything is installed as it should. If i check already installed system, it says “Apple HFS/HFS+” for EFI partition.
Should this be reported as bug ?