How to improve Fedora by logging bugs and help repair them, (Cinnamon and Fedora)

Hi there,

I am running Fedora on multiple machines for our business’s.

I get little bugs and I am not sure why.

I really love Fedora and I want to help the project. I am in the process of building a machine which I can use for helping testing Fedora rollouts and new apps/releases/spins.

I will be sure to go for an AMD video card, as my experience as with many with nvidia has been like a nightmare. Although I dont like AMD, with nvidia refusal to support open source to a higher level who else makes high performace GPU’s these days? Intel?

I really love Fedora and I want to help the project.


Intel integrated graphic cards are the best bet for flawless support. They can do basic 3D even for games — like, Surviving Mars works for me — but won’t work with the latest and greatest. For that, AMD is definitely the best bet. (I personally currently have a desktop machine with a Vega 56, and am very happy with it — and I have a W5700 workstation card as part of a new system on the way for its replacement.) I don’t follow the hardware performance sites like I used to long ago, but it’s my general impression that these latest cards are pretty competitive across the board.

For these specific bugs, the kernel problem should be reported to Nvidia. (See If you have a problem, PLEASE read this first - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums, I think.) Our kernel team really can’t do much about those.

The other one — your first screenshot —- I’m not quite sure what’s going on. gdb is the standard debugger from the GCC compiler suite, and SELinux is blocking it from running on nvidiactl. Possibly that’s just an artifact from a crash, and not really the problem in itself? I think, unfortunately also here, Nvidia is going to know best what’s going on with their tools here.

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thanks a lot for explaining. It mentions when I get bugs to created an account with fedora testing to log and register and send my reports.

Do we create an account with bugzilla?

For the kind of work I do I need a need a great GPU, does fedora run on the new Apple Silicons. ?

I know that Fedora has an ARM version for Fedora 33.\

You can log in with the Fedora Account System — the same account you use to log in here.

There is some effort to make the new Macs work, but it’s all reverse-engineering so it’s going to be a while before it’s really a good choice —- and probably we’ll never run as well as Apple does on their own stuff.


Thats a great effort, ARM is being released on some lenovo machines (desktop and laptops). So with the partnership with Fedora and Lenovo and the strong ties between IBM based systems and Linux in general over the history I’m sure Fedora will have a stronger place on PC anyway and Apple can be a project

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Yeah — if you’re interested in Fedora on ARM laptops from Lenovo, add to this thread on the official Lenovo forum: English Community-Lenovo Community


Hi there Matt

I saw your video today about the first releases of Lenovo with fedora out of the box.

Is there a possibility you could tell me if the upcoming X1 Carbon Gen 9 will come out with Fedora?

Perhaps we can opt for it somehow?



This is so cool, Lenovo is a great company I have had great warranty claims handled by them and they offer a great service to Linux enthusiasts and programmers/developers.

Would the RHEL be offered on these systems as well?