How to fix “wifi adapter not found” in fedora 32

I installed fedora 32 on my MacBook air, but couldn’t start the wifi as it shows no wifi adapter found. I tried using the rpm commands they are not working it shows “curl error (6) couldn’t resolve host name for https //” every time. how do I solve this?

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Well, if the network doesn’t work, you can’t reach the Fedora servers.

Yeah so how do i solve the " no wifi adapter found" problem

What kind of wifi adapter are you using? Is it Broadcom? If it is have you tried installing the broadcom-wl driver from RPM Fusion?

And here is something if you haven’t tried

Its broadcom bcm4360 802.11ac.
And i tried the commands from your last message, it didn’t work

I have found this bug report (for Ubuntu)… really unsure if it is linked to your problem:

I guess I would begin to ask for “lspci -nnvk” and show us the info for your card… in part it would indicate if the device use the driver.

Well… I am not using Fedora right now, so I might not give the best advice I could…

The idea is that the wl driver could do better than the bcma driver you are using…
info from: wl - Debian Wiki

But I think if you do “modinfo wl” you might find it is not installed by default. So you might have to activate RPMFusion non-free than “dnf install akmod-wl”, then reboot.

After that, you should be able to:

modprobe -r b44 b43 b43legacy ssb brcmsmac bcma

that would remove current bcma driver, then:

modprobe wl

What about the boot loading time? What does systemd-analyze blame say? There is a bug in F32 systemd and one of the collateral issues that I experienced was missing wifi and bluetooth adapters in gnome. There is a chance that it’s related, try to rename these files:

cd /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/
sudo mv 61-gdm.rules 61-gdm.rules.bkp
sudo mv 64-md-raid-assembly.rules 64-md-raid-assembly.rules.bkp
sudo mv 65-md-incremental.rules 65-md-incremental.rules.bkp

This is the guide I used to install wifi drivers on my rMBP mid 2014

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I am using HP Omen 17.3 I7 9th generation with Intel WiFi and Fedora 32 is breaking constantly, dropping out of network and connecting again (sometimes it does not reconnect)?

Welcome to Ask Fedora, @djura81

That is possibly a problem with the wi-fi card in the PC (or, the Linux driver for the wi-fi card). It could also be a problem with the internal antenna of the PC that is connected to the wi-fi card. My HP notebook is specified to have two antennae, but in fact, they installed only one. I have similar connection problems unless I am very near to the access point.

Help kindly needed here. After keying in: ‘sudo dnf install broadcom-wl-dkms’ I get No match for argument: ‘broadcom-wl-dkms