How to disable Nautilus' automatic extraction of archives?

Having used Fedora since the release 34 and re-installed twice, as I recall Nautilus extracts any archive (without a confirmation) to the current folder when pressing Enter or double-clicking on the archive file. I’ve just tested with .zip, .7z and tar.bz2 formats (from the 7-Zip download page).

I don’t really use Nautilus anymore, but there’s some potential for cluttering the filesystem. Also accidentally extracting a large, heavily compressed archive would use a significant amount of system resources (may demand killing the Nautilus processes).

I’ve removed the file-roller and file-roller-nautilus packages, restarted the system.

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Re-assign archive MIME types from Nautilus to FileRoller:

sudo dnf install file-roller
xdg-mime default org.gnome.FileRoller.desktop \
    $(sed -n -e "/^MimeType=inode\/directory;/{s///;s/;/ /gp}" \

You may want to chime in here as well.


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Great, now the preview is opened instead.

I don’t per-se have a need for a graphical archive manager (especially with such a limited feature-set as file-roller, which can’t set a compression level when creating an archive), but the situation is certainly much improved. Perhaps I’ll preview some downloaded compressed files directly through the web browser from now on.