Hiding folders in Nautilus

hi folks, any tips on how to hide folders/files manually in Nautilus?
I have a drive shared by both Windows and Fedora. Windows leaves on in a bunch of dump files which I don’t want to mess with but would like not to see unless I press ctrl+h (show hidden files)…

it works fantastically in the Home folder, on the drive that Fedora runs on. I can quickly toggle between viewing and hiding system folders. it normally gives me a neat workspace, showing only the relevant document folders and I can access the system folders occasionally if I need to make manually changes.

the problem is that I store my projects on that larger drive, that’s shared with Windows, and that trick obviously doesn’t work there. I know that in Windows File Manager, I can enter the properties of any folder and hide it by ticking one box. how do I pull off something similar in FIles?

thanks :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok thanks for the tip.

I’ve figured that when a folder starts with a . it’s hidden. but I cannot rename the folders, because as I’ve mentioned, they’re used by Windows and I don’t want to break the system.

I could find some material about the .hidden text file. but does it apply to folders as well? because my problem is with dump cache folders rather than actually files.

genius it works also for folders!

my initial mistake was that in some forum advice I stumbled upon, before your advice and the link to the Wiki, it was told to save the .hidden file as a .txt, whereas it should have no file extension at all in order to work.

thanks for the tip!