How to decrease refresh rate

How can I decrease the refresh rate from 90 Hz into 60 Hz? There is no option to do that in Settings - Displays, as shown in the attached snapshot.

I’m using Wayland in F36.

Select the resolution menu on that screen. It may give choices of resolution for which you can select the appropriate supported refresh rates. It seems likely that that your display screen / GPU does not support any different refresh rates for that specific resolution setting.


Yes, indeed, when I change to lower resolutions, the refresh rate can be decreased. But that resolution is the actual resolution…

In some cases the limitations are not set by the hardware but by its drivers. So if there is no acceptable combination of resolution and refresh rate at the moment, it is maybe worth to update or change your driver. Maybe this increases the possibilities you can choose from.

I’m using the default driver of F36.

and most drivers get the available resolutions from the monitor.

It’s a combination of both and then some. The driver represents what the video card can support under specific conditions. The resolutions and refresh rates themselves are also dependent on the EDID data reported from the monitor. The actual resolutions depend on the video card support (hardware and driver), the monitor (EDID), and the connection itself (HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, VGA, etc.).