Wayland can't handle 4K 60HZ on fedora 36

Hi. I have a new 4k TV that I’m trying to use as a monitor on my computer. I have the correct hardware configuration to allow 4K 60 HZ. It works perfectly on Windows and Fedora 36 Xorg, but i cant only get 29 HZ in Wayland. ( I can’t select 60 ).

How can I force Wayland to use the correct refresh rate?

Thank you so much.

If it works properly in xorg then as you noted there seems to be no hardware issues.

I would suggest you file a bug against wayland so the developers can address the issue properly.

When i was ready to open a issue on wayland, the same gitlab page tells me this:

So I’m a bit lost about where should i go now.

Also, i found this blog about adding custom resolution and refresh rate, but it seems no make not effect in fedora. I guess there are some things that must be done differently.

Are you really sure you have the correct hardware configuration for this? I would bet that you actually have an HDMI 1.4 port. Output in 4K is limited to 30Hz in that version of the connector, as you can see in this table.

Yes, totally sure. Both HDMI ports of my screen are capable of 4k@60hz (Tested on both) and the conexion is to a display port (Also cheked all of them.) The cable is also capable of 4k@60Hz.

I can use 4k60hz in X11 without any problem and watch 4k great to. The problem is wayland only.

Possibly file the bug at bugzilla.redhat.com and they will forward it to the wayland developers as needed. There is clearly some issue with wayland and the GPU driver that is properly handled by xorg.