Multiple monitors with different refresh rates in F36 Xfce Xorg

I would like to use two monitors with different native refresh rates (60Hz and 165Hz). I use Fedora 36 with Xfce. It seems that to have a good experience there are two paths:

  1. Wayland does this natively / automagically - but Xfce doesn’t support Wayland yet, and has no target date at this time :frowning:
  2. Upgrade to Xorg 1.21.1 which adds “AsyncFlipSecondaries” feature, that allows syncing to work well across multiple different monitors.

Fedora seems to still use X.Org X Server 1.20.14

Is it possible to upgrade to 1.21? Or perhaps I should file a feature request to the bug tracker and hope it at least gets targeted to F37? Or perhaps I missed another approach. Thanks for any information!

It doesn’t look like there are any 1.21 builds at the moment. You can watch koji to see when there might be test builds for it on the way: xorg-x11-server | Package Info | koji

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I have not tried xfce, but I use gnome with one monitor at 144 and one at 60 with no issues whatsoever. Nvidia GPU with the nvidia drivers.

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If you use Gnome, I think Wayland is the default. But this doesn’t work for Xfce I believe.

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Yes, wayland is the default for gnome, but I have had no luck with multiple monitors with wayland and they work well with gnome and xorg. In fact the last time I tested the external monitor for my laptop would not work at all with wayland but does with xorg.

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Interesting. I have several multi monitor setups that work perfectly for me with Wayland.