How to get a second X screen working?

Hello everyone, I noticed that when using xorg, when I plug my secondary monitor, a 60hz old display, the gnome animations would default to 60hz on both monitors, instead of using smooth animations over the main 170hz monitor as it should. On Wayland such issue does not happen, however wayland can sometimes display visual bugs that do not make the os work as intended on NVIDIA gpus.

I figured that enabling vrr could have solved this issue so I decided to follow the arch wiki on such topic, however as you can see on the known issues section, specificallly the third bullet point, it says that a new x display can be created.

However, by enabling a new x display, it would make one of the two monitors black/it wouldn’t detect it until I disabled it.

Looking further over the internet I found this forum that shows how to get them working.
My main issue though, is that I already installed nvidia’s propietary drivers, as such I am afraid to break something, and likewise, I do not wish to reinstall the whole OS.

Now, I was considering two options.
Either A) Reinstall nouveau drivers because they maybe work nicer with wayland
Or B) Try to do something similar to that forum but without needing to reinstall Fedora entirely.

Personally option B seems better to me as some apps just straight out refuse to work with wayland for some reason.

My current GPU is an RTX 3060ti and I have installed the latest propietary nvidia drivers

Any help is appreciated!

Aggiunto xorg

Hello and welcome to Fedora :fedora: .

This is not an answer to your question, but in case you won’t manage to solve your issue described here, you could ask for help regarding nvidia and Wayland (in a separate topic), there are quite a few in this forum who know their way around nvidia issues.

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Hello, where can I find the place to ask this in case this thread doesn’t get any replies?

Well right here, in the Ask Fedora category. Basically you would proceed the same way you posted this topic, just start a new one, with proper title.

Hello, what is a title that you consider proper and that would result in getting more answers?

So you have the drivers from the Nvidia site and not the RPMFusion drivers ?

I am not sure what is being asked here.
A second X screen?
Gnome has the ability (and I think the default) to spread the desktop across 2 or more monitors. The nvidia drivers make this possible.

Thus it is not necessary to do anything except use the gnome settings panel and adjust the displays to show how the user wants. The settings panel allows setting for mirroring (the same display on both (all) monitors) or selecting one as primary and then arranging the others around the primary left – right – top – bottom as preferred with the display spanning all attached monitors.

Is that not appropriate? or is there something else specific that you wish with the displays?

Got them from rpmfusion. Never touched the nvidia website

My issue is that when plugging a second monitor, through hdmi at 60hz, first, the gnome animations framerates drop to 60fps, making the os not smooth, and second, it screws the vrr and makes content watching horrible with screen tearing.
So I figured that by creating a second x screen, it would solve these issues.
See third major bullet point, third minor one