How to change default terminal emulator on Fedora 38 with a Flatpak one?

Hello people,
I want to switch from the default terminal emulator (rpm) to BlackBox (flatpak com.raggesilver.BlackBox).
I’ve searched online, but I’m unsure how to set Blackbox as default.

Any help, please?

What do you mean by making it “default”?
The thing that runs when you type Crtl-Alt-T?

No need to use the flatpack as blackbox is packaged for Fedora you can install it with dnf or software center.

How do I know this? I did this:

dnf search blackbox

Hello Barry,
Thanks for letting me know that that terminal emulator is available on repo, too.
When I visited GitHub, the developer mentioned only Flatpak.
So, I’ve removed it and reinstalled it from the repo.

I’m talking about Gnome Terminal: I’d like to use Black Box as an alternative to it.

PS: When I use CTRL+ALT+T, I obtain nothing.

Oh right it is kde that has ctrl-alt-t and short cut to start terminal.

I think you can add a short cut in gnome to start an app.
You could set ctrl-alt-t to start blackbox.

I am still not sure what you mean by default. Do you mean the icon for terminal is on a start bar? Sorry only use gnome when i am forced to.
You could add blackbox icon to the start bar and remove gnome terminal?

If I remove Gnome Terminal and install only Black Box, I have issues with apps that open a terminal (htop, Ookla speedtest etc.). I got a message about the impossibility of finding the terminal for that operation.

So, I was looking for something like “update-alternatives” to let me choose what Terminal Emulator to use as default.

I apologize for having to send you to this but here you go:

I found it easier to bind ctrl-alt-t in the GNOME keyboard shortcut thing to run flatpak run com.raggesilver.Blackbox

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I read the thread and now understand less than before, LOL.
I’ll try to bind it with a shortcut, ok.

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This is a very good question that pops up on several places over the internet, without much decent answers that I could find. This post [SOLVED] Assistance changing default terminal in Fedora 37 Gnome 43 refers to the ‘update-alternatives’ system on Fedora, but I am not sure if it effectively works this way (that is the way it works in Debian, though). In a post here, Set default terminal in gnome - #9 by crisb, one simply links the desired terminal to /usr/local/bin/gnome-terminal, which is safe to try as it does not interfere with the actual executable - just delete the link if it does not work.

Alternatively, edit your .desktop launchers, set Terminal to false and explicitly specify the desired emulator on the Exec= line.

I hope better ways exist and come around here.

Thank you very much for the suggestions!

Hello @iosonopiero ,
Just as a suggestion on terminals, Foot is a really good Wayland native terminal.

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I’m going to try it.
With Black Box, I’ve noticed that when I right-click with the mouse, select paste, and press Enter, it opens a new terminal window. So, I’m not using it.

Mmh, I’m going to configure it via the INI file. No frills, I like it.

If you like a more Object Oriented terminal experience, you could try Kitty terminal and use Fish as your shell. Configuration is like writing functions in Fish, pretty cool.

I’ll give a look at them.