Gnome-terminal flashing after upgrade from 38 to 40

Hi guys

There seems to be an issue crop up when using gnome-terminal for some commands that update the terminal such as nload, its causing all the text to flash, as if running at a very low refresh rate.

It only started after upgrading from 38 to 40, there seems to be other people having similar issues.

I think its a gnome-terminal or maybe even kernel issue (previous bugs like this seem to be due to kernel issues) as I am using native gnome-terminal not flatpak version and having same issue.

on fedora 40, kernel 6.8.11, gnome-terminal 3.50.1, xfce desktop with proprietary NVIDIA drivers, all latest packages as of today.

I usually use gnome system monitor gui for viewing bandwidth but it has a bug of its own where it double counts bandwidth when using a vpn so I am forced to use nload which does not have same issue.

As well as being annoying it is also a potential health issue for people with epilepsy as could in a worst case lead to seizures so I would appreciate it if one of the fedora/gnome devs could look into this as a matter of urgency.


Is it flickering or just very fast refreshing of information? Just as top does, for example, but at a lower rate.

I am also asking because the upper quarter of the terminal output in the video provided seems not to flicker.

flashing for sure, I was using nload in 38 and it did not do this, I will see if I can post a video

see video here for what it looks like>!Ar1le3g5XwssgzHJaSKPyvwqkW7a?e=S4NjIE

I should note that its only gnome-terminal doing this, no other program flashes like this, I tried disabling force full pipeline in nvidia drivers and forcing gnome to revert to gl render using the below but it makes no difference>

echo “export GSK_RENDERER=gl” > /etc/profile.d/

Hello @quasarenergy ,
Funny you should have noticed it, I thought I was the only one seeing it. I was trying to help someone on ask.fp.o with the anaconda installer, and in the process was installing F40 of various versions in VM’s on this particular day last week. What I noted at the time was Gnome terminal, but also KDE’s terminal, and the native terminal for Onyx, all displayed graphic artifacts and a flickering update behaviour. Mostly noticed by me was the corner |X| to close the window would become a block then go back to X in a cyclic fashion.

I remember having a similar issue when upgrading to F40 on an older system, but reverting to the gl renderer solved my issue back then.

ok, I found a workaround for now, if you maximize the window, the flicker goes away, even when restore to previous size the flicker is gone, but if you launch a new terminal it comes back again unless you do the above again, rather odd.

I could reproduce the issue for nload myself. Increasing the value of the -t argument reduces the flicker.

I am wondering though if this issue can be attributed to gnome-terminal or rather to the specific packages (nload in this case)?

I don’t think its a nload issue as I also get a bit of flicker with iotop as well ,albeit much less.

What is your GPU? Maybe GPU driver related.

Flickering and nvidia is a known issue that is expected to be fixed once the 555 driver completes testing for example.

3080ti with driver 550.90.07 using akmods, also on X11 not wayland as using xfce.