GNOME 42 Console app

How can I get the new console app for my GNOME desktop? I can’t find it in the Software app, and not via dnf either. On Fedora 36, I’m happy with gnome-terminal, just curious.


Should be in the repos:

 sudo dnf info gnome-console 
[sudo] password for asinha: 
Last metadata expiration check: 2:28:47 ago on Tue 10 May 2022 14:38:26 BST.
Available Packages
Name         : gnome-console
Version      : 42~beta
Release      : 3.fc36
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 131 k
Source       : gnome-console-42~beta-3.fc36.src.rpm
Repository   : updates
Summary      : Simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop
URL          :
License      : GPLv3+
Description  : Simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop.

sudo dnf install gnome-console

Thank you. Now, what is the command to invoke it? I would like to set a keyboard shortcut, but “gnome-console” is not there.

$ sudo dnf repoquery -l gnome-console | grep bin

On your system, since it’s installed, you can do:

rpm -q gnome-console | grep bin

gnome-console is also placed into the applications so you can launch it from the app menu as well.

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Thank you. I have now set my keyboard shortcut for a terminal to ‘kgx’ and it works!

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