How to add new fonts?

how to add new fonts ?
is it just required to add {copy and past } fonts to font folder in user/share/font or is it required any other additional configuration after adding the fond.

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Please do not copy files in to system directories. You install fonts as you install any other Fedora package, by using dnf. Try:

sudo dnf list *font*
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If you downloaded font files (.ttf, .otf) and you are looking for a safe way to use them, then put them inside ${home}/.fonts/


You should use the following locations to store custom unpackaged fonts:

  • To provide fonts system-wide:
  • To provide fonts for a single user:

Note that although ~/.fonts still works, it is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

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I would really not recommend this. Any files in system folders will get overwritten if they conflict with other files, and because there files will not be rpm managed, removing them etc. will also be far from trivial.

Please ask your users to only put fonts into their home folders if they must.

RPM will not touch anything under /usr/local, ever (In fact, it is specifically forbidden in Fedora). That means that the /usr/local-hierarchy is the appropriate place for systemwide, non-rpm-managed, installations. As for removing/managing, it is fairly easy to remember that anything under /usr/local is manually installed/unmanaged.

However, I agree that keeping things in the home directory is often simpler, especially for unexperienced users. No need for sudo, for one thing.


Ah, I’d missed the local there. Sounds good!

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Copy & pasting to your local folder should be enough. Alternatively, you can use a font management tool. Both KDE and Gnome have their own and makes it easier to install fonts, either in your system or in your user.