How to download fonts

downloaded some fonts but can.t install them double-click

i want to know graphical way more

When I open a ttf font in Gnome, Fonts opens and I can install it from the top-right:

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whats wrong with me
i have followed this tutorial

and wget that .rpm
then extract fonts from this rpm
but i can’t install i want to inatall maybe 2 or 3fonts just only 2 3 but there is a error as i have shown above.

Why not just put the fonts you want in, say, ~/.fonts and run fc-cache or sudo fc-cache?

How did you extract them?

Those files are way too small to be fonts.

using ark- kde archive tool

why? then what to doto solve them

I don’t know; have you checked with the source of that RPM? If I download it and look at the files, it’s just a bunch of text files that says ‘filler’. So there are no fonts in there, just files with a ttf extension.

yes then how can i download fonts calibri fonts which is a ms truefont can you suggest me how to download.

Calibri is a Microsoft font distributed in Windows and Office; you need to contact them if you want it.

It is not redistributable, so no, I cannot tell you how to find it some other way. Font redistribution FAQ - Typography | Microsoft Learn

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then how can they provide

You appear to have linked to an OnlyOffice instance. That is a (partially) proprietary software with a company backing it, who can make whatever deals they want with Microsoft. I do not know what agreement they may or may not have.

The spreadsheet also appears to be a canvas, which means you are viewing an image, and not actually downloading any fonts.

In any case, I’ve linked Microsoft’s own licensing guidelines; there’s not really much more we can say about it that isn’t already there.

but i have installed onlyoffice but i did not get those fonts

i have extracted all fonts here is my fonts if anyone wants to download them just send me a dm.

I’m not a lawyer, but please pay attention to licences and EULA, also for fonts.

For instance, as far as I can understand, Microsoft granted the right to redistribute the TrueType core fonts (the historycal and famous Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New etc.) in unaltered form (that is an .exe file) and you have to accept the End User License Agreement.
I imagine that this is the reason why the various .deb and .rpm packages you can find around the internet don’t contain the font themselves, but rather an helper script that download the archive from Microsoft web site and then extract its content.

Redistribution of other recent fonts coming with Microsoft products, like the Clear Type Font Collection (Calibri, Candara, etc.) is more restrictive. The source of our knowledge is the mentioned Microsoft FAQ about Font redistribution:

Redistribution and extended rights
Apart from the document embedding rights described previously, you may not redistribute the Windows fonts. You may not copy them to other computers or servers, and you may not convert them to other formats, including bitmap formats, or modify them.

With proprietary licences is sometime hard to understand what I can and cannot do. But to me, the previous statement is sufficient to suggest not to share here any download link to these proprietary fonts.


yes sorry for that i really miss that i have removed that link. hence no issues thanks btw.

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Just copy windows fonts from a windows installation or extract fonts from a windows installation iso.

I just install the fonts with these commands:

Install tools to use:
sudo dnf -y install curl cabextract xorg-x11-font-utils fontconfig

Use the package on

sudo dnf -y install Download msttcore-fonts-installer-2.6-1.noarch.rpm (mscorefonts2)

A search for ‘how to install calibri fonts on linux’ gave me this promising link.

Reading through that I found this command that downloads a shell script (unfortunately the script is written for ubuntu).
However, perusing that script I found that simply installing cabextract and fontforge allowed that script to be executed and the fonts are installed.

This is not to condone potential copyright infringement, but those fonts are easily installed.

Please, this is venturing outside the realm of the help for Fedora. This is no longer about installing fonts in general, but about installing one specific font whose license does not allow us to do so. Regardless of whether it is easy or not to circumvent this license, it is not allowed by the copyright owner.

Fedora respects the license of creators, which is why it does not contain proprietary software. We would not condone posting instructions to hack around proprietary licenses, and we should not do the same for fonts, regardless of how ‘easy’ it is to do.