Microsoft fonts in fedora 38 xfce

How can I install
microsoft fonts
in fedora 38 xfce?

I saw these commands in
but is this a safe procedure?

I finally installed the microsoft fonts using the 3 commands found in the linuxcapable link above.

You can refer to the actual project instead of some spam blog.

Whether it’s safe or not depends on the source. I have not checked it, but it is a very popular project with >5 million downloads in 10 years.

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I assume you looked at Fedora Quick Docs Fonts, which mentions Gnome and KDE, but not xfce.

Assuming the license allows you to install the fonts on linux and that you are willing to use shell command-line tools, the procedure should be the same across most distros, so the command-line poarts of the Fedora Quick Doc should work with xfce. Additional command-line docs:

If you aren’t interested in command-line tools or high-end font management capabilities:

Font Manager is intended to provide a way for average users to easily manage desktop fonts, without having to resort to command line tools or editing configuration files by hand. While designed primarily with the Gnome Desktop Environment in mind, it should work well with other GTK desktop environments.

There is a Fedora copr

  • Font Matrix is often cited by obsolete web sites and was once popular, but now: “The project was originally developed by Pierre Marchand between 2007 and 2011. It is currently in maintenance mode and isn’t worked on by any actual programmer.”
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If you still have the Windows OS, another approach is to copy the Microsoft fonts and install them manually through your system font manager (or use font manager as mentioned above). All Windows fonts are located in C:\Windows\Fonts While this might seem a bit odd to do, it ensures that you obtain all the fonts from your Windows OS. You might want to store these fonts somewhere in your local storage for a easier installation in the future. Additionally, it is worth noting that some Windows fonts are under a proprietary license, which could potentially cause issues.

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