How to access other location files in open dialog box

Hey, I am a android developer and I use android studio for development. I want to import project which is in my hard drive and it is stored in other location category.

When i try to import project i will see this kind of file structure.Screenshot%20from%202019-06-06%2012-02-18
Now i am stuck in how to access the files present in other locations category.
Please help me solve this problem

Hi @crsohan, welcome to the community. (;
You should find your external drive usually under /run/media/$USER/
In my case it’s named “Swap”.
Another way would be to just open your storage via Nautilus, navigate to the folder where your project stays.
Hit “STRG+L”, this will display the exact path in Nautilus. You can then copy this path and enter it in your file dialog.


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Thanks @locke , really worked for me. Really great support from Fedora Team.

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