Doesn't anyone save their file searches?

Hi all,
I did a search of “smart folders” and “virtual folders” in the forums and didn’t see anything.

Doesn’t anyone want to save a search in the file explorer as a folder? In Macs, they call it “smart folder” but I can’t seem to find this feature in (nautilus?) or the default Fedora 34 file explorer.

Thanks for posting!

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I don’t think nautilus has this particular feature—not ever had it (or I’ve never noticed it).

On gnome, the quickest way to find files is to just search in the activities view. The tracker utility indexes your files and allows you to find them from there (and allows different applications to access the index too).

You could look for “recents”, the first line of the left column in nautilus, but in the same way that ankur said, I don´t think either that nautilus have this particular function.

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