Files app does not use tracker3 created index outside /home

I connected an external hdd to a new install of Fedora. It indexed fine with tracker3, so I expected to be able to just type a file name in the activities view to search for any file in said hard drive. But, GNOME files (Nautilus) only shows files in the /home directory.

For example, here Files shows only an image from the /home folder, while Photos finds many more in the external drive

If i try $ tracker3 search <file_name> the files are found. But they’re not shown in the activities view under the Files app.

I’ve added the external hard drive is added to “search locations” and it’s enabled but files just doesn’t search there.

I want to be able to, let’s say, type the name of an mp3 file or a video and just click the result to play it. Any way to make the files app show those results?

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I can’t find a clear explanation of why GNOME search would be working like this, but it looks like others have run into the same issue, and have worked around it by basically mounting the external drive to a point under /home - might be worth a try?

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