Is there a way to open the location of all items listed in a "Files" file search?

Current workflow so far:

  • Open “Files”
  • Go to directory of choice
  • Perform a search

Now I want to be able to take all the items listed in the search and open each item’s location in a new “Files” window.

Is this possible?

All I see is “Open Item Location” in the context menu for an item. I can select all the listed files, and the option goes away. I even tried the shortcut with all the items selected. No dice. It seems my only option is to open one item at a time in the current window and backtrack. Not very user friendly.

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Type files
  3. Select all the items from search results in Nautilus
  4. Drag them to the terminal
  5. Press Enter in the terminal


Each file or directory will be opened in a separate Files window.