How do I set preferred NIC in Fedora 31

I have a wireless card i use to connect to the internet. I am also connected through wired connection to another network without any connection to the internet. How can i set the Wireless card as the main NIC for internet. Right now I have to disable the wired connection to be able to browse the internet and it seems to ignore the priority in the settings.

This post doing so in Windows is an example of whet i am trying to set: How to change the priority order of network adapters on Windows 10 | Windows Central

I’ve no idea, but if we’re lucky:



Hello @ojo360,
A good place for you to start is to install the NetworkManager group (or at least the wifi bits) with sudo dnf group install NetworkManager which would include the following…

Group: Common NetworkManager Submodules
Description: This group contains NetworkManager submodules that are commonly used, but may not be wanted in some streamlined configurations.
Default Packages:

  • NetworkManager-bluetooth
  • NetworkManager-wifi
  • NetworkManager-wwan
  • dhcp-client
  • dnsmasq
  • iptables
    For using the nmcli (NetworkManager Command Line Interface) please refer to this document on NetworkManager
    NetworkManager may already be installed, but may not have the wifi sub-module installed.

Have you tried setting connection priority with NetworkManager?