Prefer 5Ghz wifi band

How can the wifi setting be made to prefer connecting to the 5GHz wifi band when a SSID has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands available? Fedora 38, Gnome Shell.

I don’t want to make separate SSIDs for each band.

In MATE with Network Manager, it is possible to make different wifi connection entries for each band and set a higher priority for the 5GHz connection.

Open a terminal, and issue this command:
Then edit your Wi-Fi connection

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Ah, great to see Network Manager’s connection editor is still available. Just wish it weren’t hidden from the settings.

My old strategy of creating a new connection with the 5GHz band and setting it to a higher priority in the General tab achieves the desired result.

Note that this still does not allow preferring the 5GHz band with a simple setting as in Windows. Also, the goal is not to connect exclusively to the 5GHz band, but simply to prioritize it.