Network connection priority not working

With Network Manager, I have set up my various network connections with priorities for each: 900 for a 5GHz access point, 600 for a 2.4GHz access point, and so on, where higher numbers should mean higher priority.

Lately, since around a week or so, I noticed the priority is not respected. The 2.4GHz (600 priority) network is the one the system connects to at boot time. I have to manually select the 5GHz higher priority connection, which then works fine.

Any ideas why? Has anyone else noticed this regression?

I found that if I disable WiFi and then re-enable it, the highest priority connection is the one that is selected.

Maybe the issue is during the boot process when the network connection is made before even logging in. Until recently the connection priority was respected even when it connected during boot.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

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