How to trigger setting up a network?

I have my wifi set up and it works. Now I’ve connected a network cable and nothing happens, not even after a restart. Wifi still works, but I’d like the wired network also to be brought up. How can I trigger this manually?

I don’t know which service is responsible for bringing up wifi; it simply worked since I’ve installed fedora server. Of course, I had to provide the wifi credentials during installation.

Just to confirm — this is a standard Fedora Server installation? How did you configure the wifi SSID and password? Do you use Cockpit to manage the system?

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As I said, I provided the credentials during installation and since then it simply worked.

Standard Fedora Server 37 installation.

I have used cockpit, yes. But not to tinker with the network settings.

Uh nice, I just saw that there is a switch in cockpit to enable the wired network.

Nevertheless, is there a simple command line to way to do this?

Does your wired network require particular configuration? Out of the box, and assuming unauthenticated ethernet, that should just work.

No particular configuration needed, just DHCP. Flipping the switch in cockpit worked. Very nice.

However, I was wondering, which service is beneath it all responsible for the network?

Is there a simple command to bring up a device?

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It’s managed by Network Manager. You can use nmclifrom the command line — it’s very powerful and… I guess simple enough. This tool can both make ad-hoc changes and persistent ones (by updating the config files).

Some docs here: