How do I install Google Translator?

How to install Google Translator on fedora ??

Have you tried a search for the exact term you used there.?
I get over 9 million hits with google.

If you tell us what you have tried we may be able to guide you further.

It is a web api, you need to use via a browser or write a program to use it.
There are python libs that can use google translate.
Not sure if there is a command line program.

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There are a couple of ways to do this. I would first recommend you install the package
translate-shell which is available in the Fedora Production Repository.
Here is an article which explains translate-shell.

KDE has a plasma widget called Translator which is a wrapper for translate-shell. Can’t speak for GNOME, but I would imagine they have something similar if you use that desktop.

Firefox has a very nice translator that I would also recommend you try out. You can read about it here: Firefox Local Translation

For instant messaging, Telegram has a very useful translator built in. IMO, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can read about it here: Telegram Translations.. Although the blog post says it’s only available for Android and IOS, the translate function is now also built into the Telegram native linux desktop application.