How can I install fedora 31 server on my orange pi 3?

yesterday I downloaded Fedora 31 server Standard ISO image for aarch64 and then I wrote it bootable on a TF Card using balena Etcher but when I put the card into slot and powered the board on but it did not boot.
what was the problem and how can I install the fedora 31 server on my board?
my board is an orange pi 3.

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  Link to the Fedora-ARM Web-site.
  Link to the #fedora-arm at Freenode.
  Link to the list of supported ARM-hardware (last edited on 20 August 2018).
  Link to the Fedora-ARM's installation instructions.

  If you'll not rule this out, check the Armbian's Web-site.
  PS:  There is a package dedicated to ARM-installations:

<guix-vits>  Hi.  I'd read s. hardware list, but there is a chance that it's outdated.  Is Orange Pi' are supported for now?
<lykt>  Most of them should work fine.  I only tried Orange Pi Plus 2e and Prime though (those are based on Allwinner H3 and H5).

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This section is useful in case you boot the Server image where there’s no graphical interface.

   Hi.  It’s Possible, idk.  Which section?

Hello again,
Updates :
I tested both Fedora-Server-dvd-aarch64-31-1.9.iso and Fedora-Server-31-1.9.aarch64.raw but the result was the same .
as I said board didn’t boot the fedora image and Das u-boot booted the android tv (defaultly Installed from factory ) . I removed Das u-boot and android tv partitions using fdisk command after that I powered on the board and saw the Allwinner H6 (processor) logo boot froze on this level ( I waited 15 minute but no change occurred ) .
I took the TF card out an when I restart the board saw the allwinner logo again that means the board didn’t recognized those medias as bootable media !
I completely got confused , where is the problem?

   Try the IRC-channel, i’m get the answer in nearly 2 minutes for the question from the post-1.  I would be happy to help somehow directly, but yet not started with my own first SBC :).
   Your SBC should have somewhere a wiki-page like this one, with lots of info (RockPro64).
   Good luck with this, sir.

Hello ,
supprorting is an unknown word for Shenzen Xunlong Co. (orange pi factory) . below is link of orange pi wiki:
pleas go to that link and see there is nothing useful .
I contacted they by email but they just said :

Hi friend,

Sorry to tell that we did not test on this image. The images we tested have been published in our official website.

Others you need to develop and test by your side.

I really need Installing fedora server 31 but don’t know how.

   Hack: Try to install an “tested image”, and in case if those not work, ask the factory for help again; then use the experience gathered and try again to install Fedora Server.
   What command do you’d used to install Fedora to TF?

If this is still relevant, then look here. This is an image for SUNXI64. Using dnf you will install any server.