How can I install Fedora Gnome 38 @ Orange Pi 5B 16 GiB / 256 GB eMMC? :-)

Hello guys && @jerry05104! :slight_smile:
How can I install Fedora Gnome 38 @ Orange Pi 5B 16 GiB / 256 GB eMMC? :slight_smile:
I need full instruction.
I know many things about Fedora x86-64, know about Raspbian, but Fedora ARM64 is something new for me :slight_smile: )

Simply download the fedora workstation image for aarch64 from

(You want the raw .xz file).
Once it has been downloaded and verified then write it to the sd card with the fedora arm-image-installer.

I use a command something like arm-image-installer --supported to identify the target board name to use for the install. There are several orangepi boards but I don’t know which would match the 5B version.

Then I use sudo arm-image-installer --image=<filename>.xz --media=/dev/sdX --resizefs --target=<boardname> -y to actually write the image to the card.

The media name is what your card is seen as when you connect it. Any file systems already on it that may auto-mount should be unmounted before writing to the card.
The image name is the actual name (including path if not in the current directory) of the file downloaded to be installed.
resizefs expands the file system for the root partition to fill the remaining space on the card.
Target specifies the selected boardname so the proper boot loader is installed.

The command arm-image-installer with no options or with --help will display the syntax and available options.

I think that on F38 the arm-image-installer package is installed by default.

I have no eMMC to USB adapter.
Should I buy it for useng with command --media=/dev/sdX?
Or how can I install Fedora Gnome 38 directly to the board with eMMC?
Instruction of GNU/Linux installation is located in OrangePi_5B_RK3588S_User Manual_v1.0.pdf - Google Drive (direct link is
Pages 47-59.
According to this instruction I have to use RKDevTool from {Orange Pi - Orangepi → Official Tools → Android image burning tool-RKDevTool and driver - Google Drive →}.
Do I need {}, is it mandatory?
And the 3-rd question is