Arm Image installer on Fedora IoT images

Given the recent news about Fedora Iot I am wondering if anyone has tried the images on boards supported by the arm-image-installer package and whether that works?

Hi @iolaum, I am currently running Fedora on my Pinebook Pro and I am impressed. For me, it feels snappy. I really like it.

Hello @bd6627 I also have a Pinebook Pro! Did you install Fedora through arm-image-installer? According to the source code it’s not supported yet. Do you have notes or links on how you installed it?

I know of some unofficial ways to install fedora in PBP, e.g. here. From what I know before linux-5.8 there are custom patches needed to support it. My ideal setup for PbP would be aarch64 Silverblue for it and I am hoping once Fedora 33 gets released it will be possible. If arm-image-installer were to support the aarch64 silverblue iso or there was another way to use that would be awesome.

I apologize, I used this image: Index of /pinebook-pro/releases/dev

Hm, this looks good but it appears to be an unofficial image as well. According to this reddit thread selinux appears to be off. I may test it on an sdcard if I have time but I 'd wait for an official image to write in the emmc storage.

I run it from a sdcard