Has anyone gotten Fedora Silverblue working on the Pinebook Pro?

Hey all,
I’ve really been enjoying Silverblue on my main machine, and I’m kind of feeling keen to install it on all of my machines. I have a pinebook pro which is an arm laptop much lighter and thinner and better for taking around than my main machine.
Anyone here have one of these and have been able to find a way to install silverblue on it?
It’s an Arm laptop but it seems all the software releases need to be specifically built for it.

I haven’t user Silverblue on an Arm device, but I did see there’s a version of Silverblue for Aarch64, which should probably work on the Pinebook Pro.


However, it seems like it doesn’t currently boot on the Pinebook Pro, according to this post from 10 days ago:

In the comments of that reddit post, they mention that there is a third-party installer script for Fedora on the Pinebook Pro @ GitHub - bengtfredh/pinebook-pro-fedora-installer: Unofficial Fedora installer for Pinebook Pro
but it isn’t Silverblue.

Perhaps someone can get Silverblue working on the Pinebook Pro based on that? It seems all the pieces are available, at least.

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The Pinebook Pro is definitely something we are interested in. Peter Robinson is working on it; I’m not sure of the latest status.


This would be amazing! I’d love it if there was a way I could keep up to date with how it was going.

Hmm… I wonder

There is no reason why this script should not work with other editions of Fedora. Just give url as maramater when script run. Script is tested with Fedora Workstation and Minimal.

You may want to subscribe to the Fedora ARM mailing list — there are sometimes updates there.

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