Holiday Calendar Test topic

Test vacation calendar!

Just curious, how did you make this? Did you import a .ics file? I tried editing the post, but I only saw this:


It is a poorly documented Discourse plug-in.

The [calendar] macros in the first topic post activate it. Then, any replies with dates using the [date] macro become events. (With the event description preceding the date.) You can create recurring events using the right syntax — see the :spiral_calendar: on the reply toolbar and go to “advanced” for a wizard that will build it, or you can use the macro markup directly if you know it.

This particular post is also marked as a “holiday” calendar. You get one of these per-site, and it does (at least) three special things:

  1. Marks the event with the username of the person who posted that event
  2. Adds :spiral_calendar: flair next to the @username of anyone is on vacation across the site, while their vacation is active
  3. Puts a bunch of public holidays for everyone on the site who has set their locale.

I’ve asked Discourse support for a way to disable that last one, because it is way too much clutter on a busy site. But I think the first two are pretty useful — maybe even better than fedocal for this particular purpose.

I think maybe the holiday version does something special with colors on a per-user basis. @jflory7, want to add an example and we’ll see?

@jflory7 (or anyone curious, really) When you get a chance, can you add some times to this calendar? Doesn’t actually have to be real holidays; I just want to see what it looks like.

This is an exceptionally lovely calendar

Well that’s one way of looking at it. :classic_smiley:

That display is not scalable at all.

It is very rudimentary, and has a lot of other problems and quirks — not to mention missing features. If we wanted to do calendaring this way, we’d need to put a lot into it.