Switch to using the Discourse Calendar plugin for Fedora Magazine?

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I like this idea. I would also like to be able to post the schedule of upcoming Fedora Magazine articles as determined at the end of each weekly meeting to the calendar via API calls. I think I might even be able to automate it from the chatbot helper that I’ve been toying with for Fedora Magazine (I think something could be automatically derived from the “#agreed PUBLISHING SCHEDULE …” line that always gets posted). So if you can create the calendar and send me an API key to access it, I’d be happy to experiment with it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you can just create a topic with


on separate lines in the first post. Then, as I understand it, once you’ve done that you can post times (using the [date=2021-11-15 timezone="America/New_York"] syntax)

Note that, super-confusingly, there are three concepts of “Event”.

First, replies with this date format to a topic with a calendar. That’s what I think we want to use.

Second, replies with [event start="2020-04-30 18:24" status="public"] [/event] syntax, which go to a global calendar. I have not enabled this.

Third, there’s an entirely separate Discourse Events plugin, which isn’t even available to us.

And… I’m not quite sure what the syntax is to give an event (of the first kind) a meaningful label. I think it is "put the description before the [date] lines. But I’m not sure specifically. You can see it working from the last time I had this idea, which apparently did not stick in my long-term memory!

Anyway… let’s try it. Create that [calendar] post and when it’s ready I’ll send you an API key with the ability to post to that topic. Do you need permissions other than “write” (which will let you post a reply)?

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Well, I put “2021-11-18” for the date and it marked 2021-11-17 on the calendar. Other than that small detail, I guess it is working. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that should be sufficient. I’ll just PM you if I need anything more. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: