This is a test of the calendar feature, for my own amusement

This is a calendar.

A weekly event


Hello @mattdm ,
Very cool. How did you do it?
@bcotton @pfrields @cverna @asamalik @glb What do you think of using something like this for the magazine schedule?

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My immediate reaction is that the benefits don’t outweigh the cost of separating the schedule from the Taiga cards. I’m open to being convinced otherwise.

Discourse recently added the calendar plugin to the list of plugins available at our hosting plan level (“Business”). So I turned it on. :slight_smile:

Details here:

In your opinion, could it replace fedocal?

Not as it stands, but with some work maybe?

I was going to say “no”, but as I thought about it, I think maybe. My big concern was that Fedocal serves as a channel reservation system of sorts. But if we had a Calendar category with a topic for each meeting room (e.g #fedora-meeting), that solves that problem. The big missing feature then becomes sending reminders to the appropriate category or email address. So I could schedule the Council meeting by creating an event in the #fedora-meeting topic, but there would be no automated reminder like Fedocal sends. We could do without that, but it would be a pretty big usability regression, IMO.

Yeah, missing from fedocal:

  • reminders
  • iCal feed
  • IRC bot integration
  • badges integration

Nice to have:

  • invites
  • attendee status (yes, no, maybe)
  • find-a-time / when-is-good