New features on this site from upsteam Discourse

This site, of course, runs on software called Discourse. It’s a rather active project, with new releases bringing features big and small. I’m going to start documenting improvements that I find interesting in this thread.[1]

I’ll just pick out things I particularly find useful or interesting, and probably won’t do it for every release. Feel free to add your own if you notice something I’ve missed. I’m going to set the topic to automatically delete replies after six months, so it doesn’t become an eternal history of ancient “new” features. To get the full history, see Discourse Meta: Release notes.

  1. This is just for upstream changes; local changes are a separate matter. ↩︎

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Today, 2.8.0.beta11 is live on Fedora Discussion, and brings us:

More Emojis!

We’ve update our emoji database to include the new emoji included in Emoji 13. So go ahead, put your :anatomical_heart: and :lungs: into it, and enjoy all sorts of new emoji!

:smiling_face_with_tear: :disguised_face: :pinched_fingers: :anatomical_heart: :lungs: :ninja: :man_in_tuxedo: :man_feeding_baby: :person_feeding_baby: :mx_claus: :people_hugging: :black_cat: :bison: :mammoth: :beaver: :polar_bear: :dodo: :feather: :seal: :beetle: :cockroach: :fly: :worm: :potted_plant: :blueberries: :olive: :bell_pepper: :flatbread: :tamale: :fondue: :teapot: :bubble_tea: :rock: :wood: :hut: :pickup_truck: :roller_skate: :magic_wand: :piñata: :nesting_dolls: :sewing_needle: :knot: :thong_sandal: :military_helmet: :accordion: :long_drum: :coin: :boomerang: :carpentry_saw: :screwdriver: :hook: :ladder: :mirror: :window: :plunger: :mouse_trap: :bucket: :toothbrush: :headstone: :placard: :transgender_symbol:

“Fullday” calendars

  • FullDay calendar option

This is for the Discourse Calendar plugin, and solves one of the most annoying issues[1], where a “full day” event for someone in a different timezone would be displayed as spanning two days (because “midnight” falls differently). This makes it ignore timezones for full-day entries, which is more useful for things like the vacation calendar where it’s more about the general time someone will be unavailable than about the specific hours.

  1. don’t get me wrong — the calendar plugin needs a lot of work before it’s more than a novelty/toy ↩︎