Help needed Fedora install iso

I just finished installing iso for the Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-38-1.6.iso on to Oracle VM. Everything works smooth and it loads, when the virtual machine boots a page prompt that asked me if I would like to install, I click yes, following all the directions and successfully complete the process. At the end I am asked to reboot the system which I do, and it just loads again like I never installed anything and asked me if I would like to install again. No progress made, as you can imagine I thought maybe I missed a step and redid the process twice over, paying attention to minor details but still I get the same results. I don’t want to just boot a dummy iso version of Fedora I want to create an actual account with log in credentials, any help I can get on this would be extremely appreciated.

Check the boot order of the VM guest setup

It sounds like your guest is booting CDrom (which mapped to the Fedora ISO).

You can change the boot order, eject the ISO file to boot your installed Fedora.


Thanks so much Fung, I just was going through the steps and realized the same thing, I was still booting from the disk drive because I hadn’t removed the iso disk yet. Disconnected that and it booted like a charm allowed me to create my account. Cheers :grin:

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