GRUB menu not showing snapshots submenu

I followed this. on Fedora 39. Snapper is taking pre and post snapshots, and I have grub-btrfs installed and configured for Fedora, but I would like the snapshot submenu to appear in the GRUB menu to do rollback like Silverblue.

This is the first time I have been the only reply to my post, so here goes. I am talking to myself :laughing: the first sign of madness.

This is not a real solution, just my workaround, so I won’t mark it as solved yet.

I’m still interested to know why GRUB can’t do the simple task of reading the contents of the snapshot directory.

My workaround was to revert to SILVERBLUE - the Immutable root system with rollback. Despite posting in different forums, no one seems to be able to help. I had it working perfectly on Arch way back, so it certainly can be done, but on Fedora, hmmm.

Hello @distro-nix ,
I would think that the sub-menu of Grub would be the least and last of the issues to do this in Workstation. Even though you have a snapshot of the desired system state, how does this reversion handle all the file changes that were done to the system as well as user settings, etc …? In the case of Silverblue, a specific image file is stored as a separate sysroot and this is redeployed. In workstation, after updates, how well does the snapshot feature handle reverting those files and libraries that were updated?
I stopped using grub in favour of systemd-boot. You would likely have to write a bash script to have it create the menu entries for you with grub to get it to use the snapshots.

I take a rescuezilla backup of the home directory which includes the dot files.

Exactly what I did, reverted to Silverblue and I am happy once I layered some must have packages.

Grub definitely has had its problems :cry: I guess your script could be a solution, but a FSB rollback and then live rescuezilla restore is pretty fast.

I have used chezmoi, which is available in Fedora repos, to gitify my home dot files. It’s at Another way to handle home is with systemd-home.

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