BTRFS/Snapper Snapshots from GRUB?

Is there any way to show my snapper snapshots and boot from read-only snapshots from the Fedora GRUB menu?
I know on Debian and Arch you can, but I cannot find how to do it on Fedora?


Patiently awaiting response…


I think this is what your are looking for (looks like it will come fedora 33), anyway it was first google search result “fedora grub snapper snapshots”:

19 hours? not really that patient :grinning:

Thanks Tom.

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I shouldn’t have to wait 19 hours for a response for something security or backup related to begin with. When I switched to Fedora I was told the community especially here are very prompt with replies, which is part of the reason why I switched…but based on this thread, that hasn’t been true.
And I read that, but I wanted a current solution to booting from read-only snapshots, even if I have to use third party tools

Impatience does not serve anyone; and can dissuade those who might otherwise be able to answer.

Only those persons who know the answer can intelligently answer and not everyone knows everything, so it is highly unlikely that you can reasonably expect a useful answer instantly.

People help on their own time, and when they can. We are not a service desk that “should” be able to provide an answer at the time you expect.

If it is that urgent simply ask the question then continue searching while awaiting an answer.


The difficulty is that all of this is quite new in Fedora. In fact, Btrfs is not the default file system in a released version of Fedora, and snapper isn’t being installed by default in Fedora 33 either.

While support for Btrfs snapshots is in GRUB, there isn’t yet any work done to make it BootLoaderSpec compatible. And this is needed as Fedora does make use of BootLoaderSpec based drop-in snippets inside of /boot/loader/entries to build the individual GRUB men entries.


If you need an instant response, I would suggest you go to, or some other distribution vendors and subscribe for a 24/7 support plan. Please note, they will only support releases, not pre-release candidates. Good luck!