Great Audio Update in Fedora 35

After my upgrade from Fedora 33 to Fedora 35 I was not able to get audio working with WirePlumber and PipeWire, so I dropped WirePlumber and PipeWire and fell back to PulseAudio. My audio hardware is integrated into my Dell monitor.
After the latest Fedora 35 updates (Feb 28 2022) my audio stopped working and I found that WirePlumber and PipeWire had been reinstalled and were clashing with PulseAudio. On a hunch that the latest updates had fixed an issue with WirePlumber and PipeWire, I dropped PulseAudio and restarted the OS and the audio works great.
My thanks to the Fedora team for the update.

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I found that all of my audio problems in Fedora 35 were from leftover hacks to get pulseaudio stuff working from earlier versions. When I removed those and reverted back to defaults, everything worked fine since.


Are you talking about your specific installation that you´ve upgraded from earlier Fedora versions? Or the Fedora project in general?

If latter would you give me some instruction to do this on my installation (fresh installed and updated), too?