[GNOME Terminal] weird window resizing issue

Good day! After a fresh install of fedora 33 with GNOME I noticed a weird issue with resizing the Gnome terminal window.

I tested if it happens under X11, but no. It seems a Wayland only thing.

What I did, was make a small sample screen capture of what happens. But I am not sure how to add it to this topic. Hence the following description.

If you resize the window from the left the right side travels along with it. Right upper corner resizing has the same issue, top left corner too.
Only the bottom of the window, the right hand side and the right bottom corner resize behavior is normal.

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Just drag the file into the edit window of a post and it should be automatically uploaded…

@florian: It’s a video, that’s not supported, but reproduction of this issue is quite simple.

You can save a screencast video as (animated) gif, can’t you? (see example here: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/mouse-calibration-problem-on-fedora-33/76392)

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Well how about that, you can convert it:



In the meantime, I tried it and I can reproduce this behaviour… to me this seems to be a bug, not a feature

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Question is, how to get that bug to the right people. I love to use the system, but I have no clue as to where this needs to go.

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How to report a bug is described here:

(Note you can do Step 2 of the guide since the Packages web app is currently down). Just head over to bugzilla.redhat.com, check for reported bugs against gnome-terminal and then report it there.

The component you report it against is gnome-terminal. Did other windows behave equally? I only tested with Nautilus and that one resizes fine…

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Yeah, I have just opened up GIMP and it did the exact same thing.
Although it is installed as a flatpak, I assume it makes no difference.

EDIT: Spotify is even more weird, it glitches even.
EDIT2: This is not just Gnome terminal, its probably mutter on wayland.

This has already been reported to mutter, I believe:


No point in a re-submit I guess.

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