Qt based app window isn't moveable using touch in GNOME

I am using gnome wayland 44.2. if i try to drag a qt based app, here it’s VLC and it doesn’t work. but with mouse it works fine. Also gtk based app don’t have this issue.
My guess with qt based apps mutter use different windows, those thin ones and that window type have some issue. And yes it’s also same in the x11
Here is a video.

Here’s an issue of someone experiencing freezing with GNOME and VLC:

If it were me, I would try adding gnome-flashback gnome-icon-theme gnome-tweaks and see if the GNOME2 environment works better.

As I said it’s happening with other apps that are based on QT. Do you want to make another video to show it?
I wanted to add more example apps but imgru don’t allow >1min video.

Same issue here, on both fedora and opensuse. If I try to grab the titlebar of qt5 based app to move the window, touchscreen will no longer function, and if I move the mouse now, the mouse get into grab mode, and the window starts to move. It seems that this issue only affects qt5 based apps, and qt6 based app works fine, like mkvtoolnix-gui.

@rahmanshaber ,
This is not really a Gnome thing …

It’s more likely VLC is the reason, Gnome apps work, VLC isn’t a Gnome app, and I think it prefers X11. You should be taking this issue to the upstream VLC project … where @pfinmon noted the issue tracker for VLC.