Wezterm miss behavior on wayland when setting window_decoration

I see weird behavior from Wezterm after adding window_decorations = "NONE" to the config on GNOME wayland. I tried to explain the problem in these two issues, I’ve already opened on Wezterm git repository

issue 1:

issue 2:

even though it seems this problem have nothing to do with fedora, another user reported they can’t reproduce this bug on Arch Linux using GNOME 45.1.
I want to know is this problem specific to me or affect other fedora users.
please if you’re using Wezterm, add this option window_decorations = "NONE" to your configuration file and see if you’re experiencing the same situation or not.

Linux Wayland is not an OS nor a distro of linux.

When asked such a question you should reply properly. Without the proper information anyone who tries to answer is restricted to very generic replies since they cannot know or guess which distro or version applies and some have very differing features.

If running Fedora release 39 kernel 6.5.12 with the Wayland DE then an appropriate answer would be something like: Fedora 39 kernel 6.5.12 Wayland.

Actually it’s a good point, while i was writing this post forgot display server is a variable too!!
But in general I didn’t mention any DE here to increase the sample space size and not to limit it to a single environment since it’s already mentioned in the issue.

tnx for reply