Mouse calibration problem on Fedora 33

Hello guys.

I’m having a small issue with mouse calibration here on GNOME on Fedora 33 Workstation Beta. It’s like my “real invisible mouse” is positioned a little bit to the left, but the one i can see is positioned a little bit to the right.

Here a gif image showing the situation:


Anyone having the same problem could help me? Thanks!

I think the third-party extension you are using is designed like that. There is simply no “dead space” between the buttons. Once you are on the dock bar, it’s either one or the other button, “dead space” in between makes no sense, you simply don’t need that. Maybe go through Settings of the dock extension and see if you can adjust it to your liking…

Do you see this apparent off-set anywhere else in Gnome?

The first time i suspected of the problem i think was when using forums like this one, because i was missing some copy + paste operations. Actually, i was about to send in the post a printscreen on how my pointer was like in a second line, but when i clicked the selection of text was beeing done in the line above, but funny thing: in the print screen image the pointer was a little bit above. Funny thing as well: right now the pointer seems to be ok.

The first time i realized i was having this problem was when playing Dota 2 playing with the hero Techies. With Techies i plant bombs in the ground, but i could realize the bomb was not beeing planted exactly where i was clicking.

Passing by to say I’m suspicious that the problem may be is associated with this extension I use:

I can’t do this right now, but i will try to reboot and use my D.E with and without messing with this extension.

Hello here,

I was becoming crazy with the exact same issue but without suspecting an extension. Glad to see I was not alone.
And yes I confirm it’s because of the Soft brightness extension like mentioned by @rlfontan

But no need to deactivate completely the extension. Just deactivating the extension’s option “Mouse cursor brightness control.” fix it. ( I’ll report this on the github extension page)


Great feedback Gyan, thanks!

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