GNOME Software issues since updating to Fedora Silverblue 32


I’ve been able to use GNOME Software perfectly fine in the past, back when I was on Fedora Silverblue 31. Since updating to 32, I’ve noticed issues with GNOME Software on every single boot.

Basically, I no longer get notifications about new updates anymore, and if I try to open GNOME Software to search for something, the GUI won’t open. If I open System Monitor, I can see that the process is running in the background. After I kill it through System Monitor, I try to open GNOME Software again, and it opens another background process. I then try yet again to open GNOME Software, and at that point the GUI finally opens and I get update notifications.

So on every single boot, I now go through the following:

  1. Try to open GNOME Software. No GUI appears.
  2. Open System Monitor.
  3. Kill the GNOME Software process.
  4. Open GNOME Software. It opens as a background process.
  5. Open GNOME Software again. The GUI finally appears.

Does anybody know why this is happening and how I can resolve it?

Hello @ddde9ddf6f,

Try running rpm-ostree -m once in awhile from a terminal. This just cleans up the metadata for your tree. For flatpak you can do a sudo flatpak repair. [edit] You have to use sudo for the flatpak command. See if this help Gnome SW for you.

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Minor correction: rpm-ostree cleanup -m


Correct! good catch.

Thanks! It seems like that’s fixed the issue.

For anyone stumbling over this (as I did), you might be running into this deadlock bug:

There’s a fix on the way. I suspect it might be the culprit behind this thread as well, since for me the fix mentioned here did work, but only temporarily, and the symptoms are identical.