Gnome-Software won't open after updating system

I am new to Fedora. I am using parallels on a MacBook pro 16inch, intel based. I installed Fedora 36 on parallels, everything worked correctly, I could open Gnome-Software, settings etc. I then checked for updates and ran sudo dnf update. Everything updated correctly but, after the update I can no longer open Gnome-Software, settings and other apps that are apart of Gnome-Software.

I have looked online and have not seen any other posts that directly relate to this exact problem, there have been a few similar issues that were fixed with cleaning caches, checking if some updates got hung up, running sudo dnf cleanall, deleting the ~/.cache/gnome-software or trying to kill all gnome-software processes(no gnome-software processes are running to start).

I’ve attached a screenshot of the jornalctl logs for gnome-software. I can only post one picture but I also have screenshots of running gnome-software and gnome-software --verbose.

journalctl logs for gnome-software:

If I boot into rescue mode everything works, Gnome-Software, settings and everything. Only when I boot normally it doesn’t work.

sudo rm -r ~/.cache/gnome-software

this resolve my problem.