Gnome notification panel bugs

I have two annoyances regarding the Notifications panel that i dont understand how to fix. I’m using Fedora Silverblue 32.

  1. When using enlarged font sizes via Gnome Tweaks, the date gets cut off in the right hand side of the panel. In the screenshot, you will see “September 23 2…”. I am using a Scaling Factor of 1.25 via Gnome Tweaks.

How can i ensure the panel is wide enough to fix the font size?

  1. I frequently get App recommendations in my notification panel. I do not understand what they are for. When I click them, they don’t open anything; instead the notifications just dismiss.

I don’t mind recommendations if they are interesting applications, however, i have not yet determined if they are useful applications, since they don’t open the Software app.

Are these non-functional recommendation notifications a common bug? How would i disable them without disabling all Software notifications?

Screenshot example of both issues:

I think Deck, the app is for creating presentations and is affiliated with MS so possibly because of VSCodium? I don’t get any notifications about SW unless the software can install it, so basically never get recommendations. But I don’t use any flavour of VsCode or any MS product whatsoever on my SB install. Also, I don’t use steam. You could install the Gnome Tweak tool which needs to be layered I believe. [Edit] to be able to adjust the notification panel.
Also, I would say that the use of the word folder for “Group folders” is a dead give away, that is MS terminology, not Linux which uses directories.

That’s a bug that needs fixing.

That on the other hand isn’t a GNOME issue: Something (steam?) sends a notification, and GNOME displays it.

If you can figure out where the notifications are coming from, you can disable them in Settings. Unfortunately that bit isn’t straight-forward, and something like dbus-monitor interface=org.freedesktop.Notifications is your best bet.

(There was a summer-of-code project that - among other things - changed the appearance to clearly indicate the corresponding application, but sadly the code wasn’t ready in time for 3.38/F33)

@jakfrost @fmuellner both helpful suggestions.


I noticed notifications pop-up during login, so I entered a separate tty and left this^ command running. Then logged in via GUI. Notifications are comming from flatpak Nextcloud desktop sync client which i have open at-login time. Mystery solved. Thanks!