Fedora 37 Silverblue Gnome device security panel missing?

Today Silverblue 37 gets the upstream for Gnome 43, but I am missing the device security panel, which is new under Gnome 43? What’s going wrong? I rebased my Silverblue 36 to Silverblue 37, no fresh installation for Silverblue 37.


Same Here

Security panel missing from privacy section in settings

Thank you

Thank you.
It’s a little too complicated for me. For me this a matter of the Gnome developer to bring the right security panel on every machine without manipulating system-strings by the users. For me it’s a bug if the security-panel is a promised new feature of the new Gnome-version 43, especially for Fedora Silverblue, where the whole dnf package management is not really present and the whole thing is ending in a layering package cascade (contradiction to the OS-tree philosophy). The whole world is a container /flatpak. Toolbox is something for developer and not for overriding the whole OS.

That’s just a work around, until the systemd bug is corrected.