How to read the full text of a notification?

I have recently installed a couple apps that send notifications using GNOME’s built in notification system. However, these notifications are often too long to display the full text in the popup window and when I click on them they dissapear and are gone forever. I’ve done some googling and I have not found an answer although it seems to be a fairly common complaint.

So I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a setting I could tweak or an extention that I could use to be able to read the full text of GNOME notifications?

It may be worth to report a bug either against:

    The Gnome
I’d seen a similar issue in a preferences menu of Gnome Builder:
after making the app full-screen, a lot of empty space is at the right side, but elements of interface are squizzed at the left side (and even has a scrollbars, lol!).

    The app sending the long notification
Gnome Logs have had a sort of interface requiring a not less than two mouse clicks to expand and see the lines at the “Important” tab.
But this helped me to navigate a list, because of less clutter.

So, please, consider to report a bug against the application that generate so long notification, as: Long thing belong to log!

Go to Settings → Notifications → Applications → your app → enable “Show Message Content in Popups”.